Conceived as a room for fictions and performances for the exhibition “1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces” (Victoria & Albert Museum, 2010), Spiral Booths is a vertical theatre in which the stage was split and piled up into six mini-stages spirally interconnected. Performances were held by six different London theatre companies during the exhibition period.

Using the museum landscape as a laboratory, “Architects Build Small Spaces” inquires into notions of haven and scale in seven structures spread throughout the museum – selected from 19 proposals submitted by internationally-renowned guest architects.

Photos: Carlos Teixeira, Leonardo Rodrigues, William Reynolds and Grazia Cantoni.
Performances (pictured): Metta Theatre, “12 Dancing Princesses”; and Les Enfants Terribles, “The Vaudevellains”

[(c) Vazio S/A, 2010, Commissioned by the V&A]