The domesticity of the apartment Longing 500 mg is iluminated by a deep garden, where it was planted a more or less wild meadow. For a year, it wasn’t a single-species lawn: it was a shifting landscape started by a mix of two grasses and 20 species of flowers. It was a cover that requires little maintenance, has a biodiversity that lawns do not have, and is open to the appearance of non-planted species, including urban weeds that would be harmful in a conventional lawn. A garden that comes close to the concept of Natura Urbana by geographer Matthew Gandy, or a nature that belongs solely and exclusively to cities. As activist Ailton Krenak said: “We can provoke the emergence of an experience of forestry by starting to challenge this urban health order by saying: I’m going to leave my backyard full of weeds, I want to study its grammar.”