“White Night” is a phrase that originated in Russia and the Nordic countries, and refers to the phenomenon of lasting twilights. Inspired by St. Petersburg’s White Nights, the expression has become a common name for the night-long arts and culture events held in many of the world’s leading cites.

100,000 people went to the City Park in Belo Horizonte for the country’s first White Night festival. Besides the 60 temporary art and architecture installations, the evening’s theme was the removal of grids that used to separate the Park from the cultural center right next to it, the Palácio das Artes.

Dead Garden is an installation that suggests a corridor of dead trees,  drawing upon the becoming inherent to a garden. Hinting at a horizontal flow composed of dead matter, it was thought and built as a connection between the Park and the Palácio das Artes, thus highlighting a new functional and spatial permeability between the city’s two most popular public spaces.

Photos: Carlos Teixeira, Eduardo Eckenfels, Leonardo Finotti