Vazio S/A

In a multidisplinary team that included our frequent partners MAch Arquitetos and BCMF Arquitetos, and also the graphic design office Hardy Design, the environmental engineering company Oreades, and the Italian architecture office Eurofiere S.p.A., Vazio S/A participated in the competition for the Brazilian Pavilion / Milan Expo 2015 (pictured).

Earth and water together assume a leading role in the project. The elements are worked as a clipping of nature to create a place where they can explore new perceptions of Brazil, although moved from their original territory. The water is part of the architecture of the pavilion; the structural plan makes up the pergola-cloud that assumes a triple role: shading, solar collection, and irrigation.

The complete project is available at Fernando Maculan (Mach Architects) website.


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Vila del Rey House

A new essay (pictured below) on our Vila del Rey house was produced by photographer Leonardo Finotti.

Complete essay available at the photographer’s website

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Hypostyle Hall, on show at Carbono Galeria.

Photos: Everton Ballardin

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The exhibition Em Direto, curated by Paulo Miyada and already presented at Oficna Oswald de Andrade, will be on show at the cultural center Sesc Sorocaba (SP) from February 12. It includes our Architectural Grafts.

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“Dealing with architectures is to deal with body and skin. Dealing with cities, too. Dealing with objects is dealing with entities with which we co-inhabit houses and cities; roughly fixed entities which are there to serve us, to lessen our solitude, to fertilize our dreams and nightmares.

“‘Studies, sketches and poetic essays on architecture and related fields’ is, therefore, an exhibition focused on key issues. Therefore the key word of its title is poetics. The works contemplate the constant meetings and intersections between art and architecture, an intersection that can be called poetic zone.”

Curated by Agnaldo Farias, ‘Studies…’ will be on show at Carbono Gallery with artists and architects Angelo Bucci, Candida Hofer, Carla Café, Daniel Senise, Guto Lacaz, José Rufino, Regina Silveira and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), among others.

February 4 at 7 PM; exhibition is open until March 15.

Everyone is invited!

Above: Carlos Teixeira, Hypostyle Hall

Studies, sketches and poetic essays on architecture and related fields

Carbono Galeria: R. Joaquim Antunes 59, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo,

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Cambridge Turf Bench is an open air reading room we proposed for Cambridge University Library — see projects section.

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Ukraina Hotel

Ukraina Hotel is our entry for a competition to redesign a new entryway for a hotel in Moscow — see projects section.

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Former ballerina at the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, the choreographer Marilyn Wood was one of the pioneers in the research between dance and architecture. In 1972 she presented a show on the windows of the Seagram Building in New York as part of a series she’s called “Celebrations in City Places”. Forgotten today, the choreography used all the 44 floors of the Seagram’s iconic glazed facade, and had 35 dancers transforming the windows onto stage; the hall, the revolving doors, and the plaza of the building forming an essential part of the scenography. With the exception of the photo above, there is virtually no record of the event on the Internet, but the visual resemblance between it and some of Vazio S/A’s works is incredibly obvious, especially in the case of “Invisible Public Spaces” and “Spiral Booths“.

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The architecture jury of the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA) has just released the 2013 APCA Prize in the Frontiers of Architecture category. Shared between light designer Guilherme Bonfanti and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), the award was given by their participation in the production of the show “Bom Retiro 958 meters“, by theater company Teatro da Vertigem.

Founded in 1951 as an award for theater, in 1972 the APCA expanded the range of critics to other fields such as literature, music, visual arts, film and television. Since  2010, the APCA has also incorporated architecture, annually awarding seven categories.

The award ceremony will take place in March 2014 at the SESC Pinheiros theater, São Paulo. The jury members were Abilio Guerra, Fernando Serapião, Guilherme Wisnik, Maria Isabel Villac, Monica Junqueira de Camargo, Renato Anelli, and Nadia Somekh.

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Published since 1928 and one of the last survivors in the world of architecture printed press, the Italian magazine Domus has just published our project Dead Garden II on its website.

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A research that investigates how to occupy the idle areas under 15 viaducts along the East-West Expressway in Belo Horizonte, the “Under the Viaducts” project (clic here) was done in 2007 with funds from the Ministry of Cities. At the time, this cutting-edge project was not developed nor adopted as a policy of urban regeneration by the city. Six years later, the municipality finally woke up from its long time letargy and proved open to our commitment in  activating these urban voids: last November, a national competition was launched to activate four flyovers in the city – see the brief on BH Municipality website.

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The Italian TV network TV Leonardo has a program which promotes houses in many countries with detailed reports, devoting 30 minutes to each project. The shooting below was broadcasted a few months ago and presents our Vila del Rey house.

©Serious Production, TV Leonardo, Riccardo Marino.

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The discussion platform Failed Architecture has published a summary of what was Track Changes, a seminar part of the X Architecture Biennale in São Paulo, which happened at Sao Paulo Cultural Center. Passing with ease between the areas of architecture, urbanism, sociology and the arts, the good FA website is made by critics of urban environment attentive to what happens in cities today and the research on what they consider to be architectural and urban failures.


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