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Gambiólogos 2.0

Opened on the eve of the World Cup, the exhibition Gambiologos 2.0 is on show at Oi Futuro Cultural Centre in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and runs until August 17. Gambiologos 2.0 has its curatorial proposal hinged on three themes that have emerged from recent discussions on “Gambiologia”: improvisation in electronic art, the idea of collecting through accumulation, and the acceptance (or not) of the influence of popular culture and craft within the realm of the fine arts. Curated and conceived by Fred Paulino, the exhibition includes works by Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Cao Guimarães, Chelpa Ferro, Farnese de Andrade, The Grivo, Guto Lacaz and Fred Paulino, amongst other participants from Brazil, Japan, USA, England and France.

The exhibition design, by Vazio S/A, seeks not to compartmentalize the exhibition hall. Avoiding the idea of separate works in closed, white environments – a common solution in exhibitions of many works and little space – the show have their works juxtaposed in a continuous space. The metal screens on which the works are hanged do not separate them in rooms, thereby creating a visual overlay of objects and screens that confirms the curator’s concept of accumulation and collage.

See complete presentation here.

Photos: Nandin Sanches

Gambiologos 2.0

10 jun – 17 aug

Centro Cultural Oi Futuro

Av. Afonso Pena 4001, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

11am-9pm, tue-sun



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The International Garden Festival in Metis, Quebec, is showcasing again our Dead Garden II in this year’s edition (photos below), which began June 28. After going through the long winter of northern Canada, DG II was reassembled including the installation of some translucent screens that had not been installed last year.
The Festival fosters interaction between the visual arts, architecture, landscape, design and nature and inspires visitors with the unique ephemeral installations that are exhibited every summer. The new gardens of this year were designed by professionals from the USA, South Korea, Switzerland and Spain.

Photos: Louise Tanguay   

VDA Building

VDA Building is under construction, completion is scheduled to December 2014.

Images: Edit

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“It seems that me we have to regard everything around us as fictional, as if the world were an enormous novel”

JG Ballard, in The Atrocity Exhibition

Published in Boston (MA) and edited by Ashley Schafer and Amanda Reeser Lawrence, the architecture journal Praxis has launched “True Stories”, an issue devoted to architectural narratives. In the introductory text, the magazine guest editor, Ana Miljacki, notes that “most architects today work on a million different platforms simultaneously – and some even articulate this modus operandi as their project”. In fact, this is somehow Vazio S/A’s agenda, and not by chance the magical realistic story “The Ultimate Skyscraper” (by Vasco Mourão and Carlos Teixeira) was fully published in Praxis.

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Architect Jane Hall wrote a great article on interventions in public spaces in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, for the British magazine Blueprint. Entitled “Reclaiming the Public Realm in Belo Horizonte,” the text presents proposals by architects who work with ephemeral interventions in the city like Mach, Micropolis e Dobra. Vazio S/A appears with Sub-Arrudas, an intervention inside the city’s main river (pictured above).

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A seminar at the Victoria & Albert Museum with Livia Rezende, Gisela Domschke, Kiki Mazzucchelli, Jochen Volz, Alexandra da Cunha, Luciana Martins and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A).

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In a multidisplinary team that included our frequent partners MAch Arquitetos and BCMF Arquitetos, and also the graphic design office Hardy Design, the environmental engineering company Oreades, and the Italian architecture office Eurofiere S.p.A., Vazio S/A participated in the competition for the Brazilian Pavilion / Milan Expo 2015 (pictured).

Earth and water together assume a leading role in the project. The elements are worked as a clipping of nature to create a place where they can explore new perceptions of Brazil, although moved from their original territory. The water is part of the architecture of the pavilion; the structural plan makes up the pergola-cloud that assumes a triple role: shading, solar collection, and irrigation.

The complete project is available at Fernando Maculan (Mach Architects) website.


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Vila del Rey House

A new essay (pictured below) on our Vila del Rey house was produced by photographer Leonardo Finotti.

Complete essay available at the photographer’s website

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Hypostyle Hall, on show at Carbono Galeria.

Photos: Everton Ballardin

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The exhibition Em Direto, curated by Paulo Miyada and already presented at Oficna Oswald de Andrade, will be on show at the cultural center Sesc Sorocaba (SP) from February 12. It includes our Architectural Grafts.

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“Dealing with architectures is to deal with body and skin. Dealing with cities, too. Dealing with objects is dealing with entities with which we co-inhabit houses and cities; roughly fixed entities which are there to serve us, to lessen our solitude, to fertilize our dreams and nightmares.

“‘Studies, sketches and poetic essays on architecture and related fields’ is, therefore, an exhibition focused on key issues. Therefore the key word of its title is poetics. The works contemplate the constant meetings and intersections between art and architecture, an intersection that can be called poetic zone.”

Curated by Agnaldo Farias, ‘Studies…’ will be on show at Carbono Gallery with artists and architects Angelo Bucci, Candida Hofer, Carla Café, Daniel Senise, Guto Lacaz, José Rufino, Regina Silveira and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), among others.

February 4 at 7 PM; exhibition is open until March 15.

Everyone is invited!

Above: Carlos Teixeira, Hypostyle Hall

Studies, sketches and poetic essays on architecture and related fields

Carbono Galeria: R. Joaquim Antunes 59, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo,

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Cambridge Turf Bench is an open air reading room we proposed for Cambridge University Library — see projects section.

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