Vazio S/A

Vazio S/A participated of an international workshop in Ecuador organized by the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Pontificia Universidad Catolica Arts del Ecuador (FADA PUCE).

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The LAIT (Laboratory of Architecture, Planning and Infrastructure), linked to the Graduate Program in Architecture at PUC-Rio de Janeiro, organizes the seminar Architecture as Infrastructure, which will happen tomorrow, 11/09. The lecturers will be architects Carlos Teixeira (Vazio) and Martin Corullon (METRO, São Paulo). The agenda will be the influence on their work of the concept of infrastructure as a spatial category.

sep 11th

19h – 21h

Auditório F300, edifício Frings

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Vazio S/A participates of Work in Public, an exhibition at DECAD gallery, Berlin. Featuring works of urban art and ephemeral architecture made in the last decade, the show is curated by artist Rachel Alliston and also includes artists / architects Miroslaw Balka, Vito Acconci, Muf Architecture/Art, Hypothetical Development Organization, Mass Studies, and others.

Work in Public

sep 10th to oct 26th


Gneisenaustrasse 52, Kreuzberg

10961 Berlin

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The project Dead Garden II, on exhibit in Métis, Canada, was published yesterday in the newspaper Estado de Minas.

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Vazio S/A won the second prize in the national contest for the headquarters of Belo Horizonte’s City Hall, Brazil. Our proposal seeks to leverage the revitalization of the Center and reinvent its vertical architecture. Aiming to recover the importance of public art, assimilate mass transit and bring back the pedestrian to urban design, the City Hall will be an iconic building sculpted by an absence: the great urban void defined by the Afonso Pena axis, the main avenue in town. More details on the projects section and on the website ArchDaily.

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The Student Union of UNESP organizes the 8th Architecture Week, which takes place from August 25 to 29 in Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo. With the theme “Space Other”, the seminar’s participants are Elisabete França, Marcos L. Rosa, Laura Sobral, Arthur Whitaker and Vazio S/A.

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Gambiólogos 2.0

Opened on the eve of the World Cup, the exhibition Gambiologos 2.0 is on show at Oi Futuro Cultural Centre in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and runs until August 17. Gambiologos 2.0 has its curatorial proposal hinged on three themes that have emerged from recent discussions on “Gambiologia”: improvisation in electronic art, the idea of collecting through accumulation, and the acceptance (or not) of the influence of popular culture and craft within the realm of the fine arts. Curated and conceived by Fred Paulino, the exhibition includes works by Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Cao Guimarães, Chelpa Ferro, Farnese de Andrade, The Grivo, Guto Lacaz and Fred Paulino, amongst other participants from Brazil, Japan, USA, England and France.

The exhibition design, by Vazio S/A, seeks not to compartmentalize the exhibition hall. Avoiding the idea of separate works in closed, white environments – a common solution in exhibitions of many works and little space – the show have their works juxtaposed in a continuous space. The metal screens on which the works are hanged do not separate them in rooms, thereby creating a visual overlay of objects and screens that confirms the curator’s concept of accumulation and collage.

See complete presentation here.

Photos: Nandin Sanches

Gambiologos 2.0

10 jun – 17 aug

Centro Cultural Oi Futuro

Av. Afonso Pena 4001, Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

11am-9pm, tue-sun



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The International Garden Festival in Metis, Quebec, is showcasing again our Dead Garden II in this year’s edition (photos below), which began June 28. After going through the long winter of northern Canada, DG II was reassembled including the installation of some translucent screens that had not been installed last year.
The Festival fosters interaction between the visual arts, architecture, landscape, design and nature and inspires visitors with the unique ephemeral installations that are exhibited every summer. The new gardens of this year were designed by professionals from the USA, South Korea, Switzerland and Spain.

Photos: Louise Tanguay   

VDA Building

VDA Building is under construction, completion is scheduled to December 2014.

Images: Edit

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“It seems that me we have to regard everything around us as fictional, as if the world were an enormous novel”

JG Ballard, in The Atrocity Exhibition

Published in Boston (MA) and edited by Ashley Schafer and Amanda Reeser Lawrence, the architecture journal Praxis has launched “True Stories”, an issue devoted to architectural narratives. In the introductory text, the magazine guest editor, Ana Miljacki, notes that “most architects today work on a million different platforms simultaneously – and some even articulate this modus operandi as their project”. In fact, this is somehow Vazio S/A’s agenda, and not by chance the magical realistic story “The Ultimate Skyscraper” (by Vasco Mourão and Carlos Teixeira) was fully published in Praxis.

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