Gambiólogos 2.0 was on show at the Oi Futuro Cultural Centre in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and its curatorial proposal hinged on three themes that emerged from discussions on “Gambiologia” (Kludgeology): improvisation in electronic art, the idea of collecting through accumulation, and the acceptance (or not) of the influence of popular culture and craft within the realm of the fine arts. Curated and conceived by Fred Paulino, the exhibition includes works by Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Cao Guimarães, Marepe, Chelpa Ferro, Farnese de Andrade, The Grivo, Guto Lacaz and Fred Paulino, amongst other participants from Brazil, Japan, USA, England and France.

The exhibition design, by Vazio S/A, seeks not to compartmentalise the exhibition hall. Avoiding the idea of separate works in closed, white environments – a common solution in exhibitions with many works and little space –, the show juxtaposes its exhibits in a continuous space. The metal meshes on which the works hang do not separate them in rooms, thereby creating a visual overlay of objects and screens that confirms the curator’s concept of accumulation and collage.

Fotos: Carlos Teixeira, Nandin Sanches.