The marquee of the Ibirapuera Park is a covered, open and active space; its liberty of occupation being due to its non occupation by architecture. There are some exceptions, and the main one is the MAM building.

The MAM is the element that normally would diminish the strength and the liberty of the marquee. It is a “solid” in the middle of the open structure, the strength of which is precisely the fluidity of its voids. However, we belive this museum building is not exactly a cancer in the Park – it can be seen as another activator of the marquee, or as a misuse under the marquee that only confirms its freedom of use.

This could serve us as the starting point for the intervention here proposed: the tense and ambiguous situation of the museum understood as an indicator of a misuse of the marquee, which then would recover and multiply that lost void to the MAM.

We believe that the uncertainty and the uses of the marquee can be enhanced, and with few resources. Through a modular tubular staircase, its huge terrace would be occupied on specific situations, and then new views of the park, new public spaces and a new perception of the park would be made possible.

A “latent square” would be discovered.