We are very proud to know of the Pierre Vago Prize of the International Committee of Architectural Critics awarded to the book “Architecture and Nature”, by Abilio Guerra, at an event held in South Korea. Along with “Risk Space” (Otavio Leonidio) and “Ode to the Void” (Carlos Teixeira / Vazio S/A), the book integrates the first three releases of the recently inaugurated Nhamerica Platform, in partnership with Romano Guerra Publishing.
The international awards jury was formed by president Joseph Rykwert (USA/UK) and members Manuel Cuadra (Germany), Sengul Oymen Gur (Turkey), Xiangning Li (China) and Louise Noelle (Mexico); and are part of the events of the UIA 2017 World Architects Congress, held in Seoul.

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Comité International des Critiques d’Architecture – CICA
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