Our ‘Other Territories’ exhibition is almost there!

The opening will be on April 27 at 11am and will run until June 2, at the Viaduto das Artes (Arts Overpass) in Belo Horizonte. There will be 26 works selected for the Urban Intervention Call on the stilts of Buritis neighborhood, as well as the promotion of debates about important issues related to the city, urban art and urban landscape, lighting, real estate architecture and much more.

 Other Territories – the exhibition at Viaduto das Artes
Curator / Expography: Vazio S/A
Graphic design (OT folder): Marconi Drummond
Printing: Digital Artwork
Press Office: Blank Space
Support: IAB-MG, Viaduto das Artes, ASBAI
Sponsor: Banco Mercantil do Brasil
Viaduct of Arts
Av. Olinto Meireles, 45, Barreiro, 30620-330 Belo Horizonte

Other Territories – the international call 
Organizers: Coletivo Aurora, Eduardo de Jesus, Vazio S/A
Concept: Vazio S/A
Jury: Bráulio Lara (ABB), Davide Sacconi, Eduardo de Jesus, Fracisca Caporali, Lúcia Koch, Marcos Franchini
Graphic Design: Marconi Drummond
Webdesign: Aline Coutinho
Legal Advisor: Fialho Salles Advogados
Press Office: Blank Space, Anagram
Support: Belotur, IAB-MG, Viaduto das Artes, ASBAI, Young Bird Plan
Sponsor: Banco Mercantil do Brasil