Cenography – Vazio S/A
  1. “Unseen will be performed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, as part of the 1:1 – Architects Build Small Spaces exhibition (www.vam.ac.uk/smallspaces). Performances will take place on the 2nd July, at 6.30 and 8pm, and 3rd and 4th July at 1pm and 3pm daily. Attendance is free of charge. “Unseen is [the Lab Collective] response […]

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  2. Spiral Booths – the visitors’ performance

    Designed as a space  for fiction and performance for the 1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces exhibition (Victoria & Albert Museum, 15-jun – 30-aug), Spiral Booths works like a vertical theatre where the stage was fragmented and stacked into six micro-stages connected by a spiral staircase. The performances will be presented by eight different theatre companies […]

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  3. Transtorna Website

    After a long time out of the web, we (re)present here the website of Transtorna (or Tantalise), a piece by Palacio das Artes Dance Co. with scenic design by Vazio S/A (see section ‘projects’). The site was conceived by Osso and appeared in Web Design Flashfolios, a catalogue of websites published by Taschen books.

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