Vazio S/A

Vazio S/A: flats in Jiangxi province, China.

“Molewa” was an architectural competition for a new neighborhood in Ruichang, Jiangxi province, China. Our proposal bet on an image both unique and harmonic: a residential building in tune with the idea of a new era of Chinese architecture – one less blatant and more attentive to the local context. The proposal is sustainable, relays and updates traditional elements, avoids free formal gestures, seeks a sensible cost-benefit ratio in its innovations, and presents a careful architecture vis-à-vis the vernacular architecture of southern China.

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Ruichang, China II

Our project for the Helsinki Museum design competition is available in the projects section. Its ramps refer the image of the building to a myriad of architectural references at once discordant and complementary, such as the mesopotamians ziggurats, the terraces of a mastaba, the spirals of a minaret and, specially, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in NY.

Julia Pinto, architecture student at Escola da Cidade (Sao Paulo), held a research using works of Vazio S/A, Louise Ganz and Rubens Mano, seeking to understand how, through critical and artistic / architectural practice, each of these artists contribute to the reflection on their professions. The full paper is available at ISSUU.

…façade almost finished

>Rehearsal in the corridor, by Cia. de Dança Palacio das Artes


>The corridor, see essay

5 Critiques

In a profession where its critics rarely expose blunt postures, we’ve selected five recent articles by authors who boldly criticize the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Art Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil’s participation in Venice, the common concept of cultural heritage, and a recent art exhibition in São Paulo:

>>>Venice Architecture Biennale: a Koolhaas-contra article,
by Kieran Long

>>>Brazil for Dummies? O Brasil em Veneza,
by Ana Luiza Nobre

>>>Maldita Memória: a Tirania do Patrimônio Histórico,
by Cecília Santos e Sonia Marques

>>>Mais uma Bienal “Política”: a 31ª Bienal de Arte de São Paulo,
by Tiago Mesquita

>>>A exposição no Hospital Matarazzo,
by Abílio Guerra

The book Entre: Architecture from the Performing Arts (C. Teixeira, Black Dog Publishing, 2014) has just received an honorable mention at the 19th Quito Biennale!

Vazio S/A will present their latest projects in Hong Kong. The lecture Activating the Voids is part of the ACE Seminar organized by Youngchul Kim, PhD. assistant professor at the City University of Hong Kong.

We Connect

The Federal University at MG organizes We Connect, an event to discuss creative processes, innovation, and cultural production from the practices of communication and related fields. The proposal is to approach students to the market, reflecting on the traditional ways of making communication and the possibilities of escaping from the ordinary. Participants are, among others, designer Gustavo Greco, filmmaker Helvécio Ratton, and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A).

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It’s published in the Italian online journal Architettura Ecosostenibile: our Dead Garden II is one of the six most beautiful gardens in the world!!!

The lecture “Urbanism and Urban Theatre” given by Carlos at the seminar “Brazil Contemporary” (Victoria & Albert Museum) has just been published on Youtube.