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  1. Void possibilities: Hong Kong’s in-between

    Among the many wastelands of Hong Kong are the pedestrian alleyways squeezed between 50-story buildings. Hong Kong is as overwhelming as sweeping; its vertical mass scattered across the mountains gives us the image of a monstrous, inhuman and fascinating city. But this density also offers us a world of unexpected solutions. Less regulated and less […]

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  2. Void possibilities: Under-Arrudas

    Arrudas canal: a dirty riverside imagined as an underground garden. +info: Sub-Arrudas . . .

  3. Void possibilities: New York atypical lots

    New York City is known for its grid. But in fact, narrow, triangular or very small lots can be found throughout the city. These lots are produced by diagonal streets, easements, and historical conditions before the grid. The lots, due to their atypical dimensions and area, as well as current zoning regulations, remain unused. Irregular […]

  4. New project!: Dubai creek mosque

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