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  1. Topographical Amnesias: the weeds

    Planting urban weeds: photos of the plantation used in Topographical Amnesias II – the set design for the play Nomads by theater company Armatrux. More info here. . . . . . More info here.    

  2. Vazio lecture at UFMG

    03/19/2020, Lecture Hall at UFMG School of Architecture. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Event canceled due to the coronavirus crisis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Other Territories

      Vazio S/A, Coletivo Aurora and Eduardo de Jesus have launched the open competition Outros Territórios – International Call for Urban Intervention. Outros Territórios (Other Territories) is a suite of ephemeral interventions proposed for a hilly neighborhood in Belo Horizonte: Buritis. The plan envisages an instantaneous transformation of the landscape through the simultaneous occupation of […]

  4. The Grid: a landscape of colonizing voids

      The exhibition “Misunderstandings”, held jointly by Campo gallery (Rome) and Le FRAC Center (Orleans, France), was intended as an experiment on what should be a historical collection and how contemporary architectural practice can approach it. To do so, twelve architects and artists were invited by curators Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo, Luca Galofaro and Davide […]

  5. Published by Viana & Mosley, “Entre – Interviews with Architects by Architecture Students” (org.: Francesco Perrotta-Bosch, Gabriel Kozlowski, Valmir Azevedo and Mariana Meneghetti) is a collection of thirteen interviews with a number of renown Brazilian architects. It is especially interesting the reading of all the different lines comparing the relevance that each architect provides to […]

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  6. Vazio S/A Dossier

    The Portuguese magazine Arqa published a “Vazio S/A Dossier” in its last issue (Jul-Aug 2011). Like the hugely popular Domus D’Autore by the Italian Domus, Arqa’s dossiers are a space open to a  guest architect/editor who, like in a magazine within the magazine, has total freedom to select content, texts, projects and graphic design. “Vazio S/A Dossier” was designed as […]

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  7. New Practices Sao Paulo, AIA-New York

    Vazio S/A will participate in the exhibition New Practices São Paulo from July 14 at the Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York.. The show was produced by the American Institute of Architects – New York Chapter, and the Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil. New Practices São Paulo serves “as a platform for recognizing and […]

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  8. Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?

    The nice Colombian magazine Exclama has just published an issue about Brazil. Optimist and slightly acid, the section about architecture has the title “¿Habrá Vida Después de Niemeyer?” (Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?), and was written by architect Juan Ricardo Rincón. Below, we copy his essay’s first paragraph, where our Vila del Rey House […]

  9. Vazio S/A / New Address

    Vazio S/A has just relocated to a 1920s house in Belo Horizonte. The house is also the base of BCMF Architects (our frequent partner), A&M, and Hardy Design.

  10. World Architects
    03:38 pm
    World Architects

    The World Architects site, dedicated to the dissemination of portfolios of architects around the world, this month published a page of Vazio S/A with Aalborg Acqua Center, Topographical  Amnesias II, and Vila del Rey house projects.

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