The Ultimate Skyscraper – Vazio S/A
  1. Narrative and Architecture

    “It seems that me we have to regard everything around us as fictional, as if the world were an enormous novel” JG Ballard, in The Atrocity Exhibition Published in Boston (MA) and edited by Ashley Schafer and Amanda Reeser Lawrence, the architecture journal Praxis has launched “True Stories”, an issue devoted to architectural narratives. In […]

  2. Vasco Mourão in the New Yorker magazine

    The illustrator Vasco Mourao, co-author of the book O Condomínio Absoluto – The Ultimate Skyscraper (see book and project) with architect Carlos M Teixeira, has just finished a series of drawings for the New Yorker, the magazine known for publishing great illustrators such as Saul Steinberg, Jean-Jacques Sempé and others. Besides Manhattan’s, there is also […]

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  3. Evolo Skycrapers – the book

    With hundreds of skyscrapers’ designs in 1,224 pages, the book e-Volo has just been launched in a limited edition of 500 copies. E-Volo — Rethinking the Skyscraper is a contest that in the last six years received 4,000 proposals from architects all over the world, out of which 300 were compiled in the big book. Carlos M […]

  4. Harvard Design Magazine + Time Out

    The latest issue of Harvard Design Magazine published “Enclaves and Counter-Enclaves”, an essay by  Carlos Teixeira commissioned by William Saunders, HDM´s editor. The office is also present in the latest Time Out SP magazine, which published the article “Practice makes Perfect” on the exhibition New Practices Sao Paulo (see also posting below).

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  5. Vazio S/A Dossier

    The Portuguese magazine Arqa published a “Vazio S/A Dossier” in its last issue (Jul-Aug 2011). Like the hugely popular Domus D’Autore by the Italian Domus, Arqa’s dossiers are a space open to a  guest architect/editor who, like in a magazine within the magazine, has total freedom to select content, texts, projects and graphic design. “Vazio S/A Dossier” was designed as […]

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  6. Swarming Futures – symposium + exhibit

    Swarming Futures, exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil in London that is part of London Festival of Architecture (see post below, 29/05/2010), opened on June the 24 followed by a symposium on the 26. Swarming Futures presents projects of architects MMBB, BCMF, Tryptique, and Vazio S/A, and is on show up to August 10.

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