Seminário – Vazio S/A
  1. We Connect
    05:20 pm
    We Connect

    The Federal University at MG organizes We Connect, an event to discuss creative processes, innovation, and cultural production from the practices of communication and related fields. The proposal is to approach students to the market, reflecting on the traditional ways of making communication and the possibilities of escaping from the ordinary. Participants are, among others, […]

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  2. The lecture “Urbanism and Urban Theatre” given by Carlos at the seminar “Brazil Contemporary” (Victoria & Albert Museum) has just been published on Youtube.

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  3. BH City Hall at the Catholic University

    As part of the 18th Week of Architecture at PUC, Vazio S/A and other winners of the architectural competition for the City Hall of BH will talk about their entries this Tuesday.

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  4. Quito Workshop, Ecuador

    Vazio S/A will participate of an international workshop in Ecuador organized by the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Pontificia Universidad Catolica Arts del Ecuador (FADA PUCE).

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  5. Architecture as Infrastructure – Seminar in Rio

    The LAIT (Laboratory of Architecture, Planning and Infrastructure), linked to the Graduate Program in Architecture at PUC-Rio de Janeiro, organizes the seminar Architecture as Infrastructure, which will happen tomorrow, 11/09. The lecturers will be architects Carlos Teixeira (Vazio) and Martin Corullon (METRO, São Paulo). The agenda will be the influence on their work of the […]

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  6. “Space Other” in the 8th UNESP Architecture Week

    The Student Union of UNESP organizes the 8th Architecture Week, which takes place from August 25 to 29 in Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo. With the theme “Space Other”, the seminar’s participants are Elisabete França, Marcos L. Rosa, Laura Sobral, Arthur Whitaker and Vazio S/A.

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  7. Brazilian Contemporary – a Roundtable Discussion

    A seminar at the Victoria & Albert Museum with Livia Rezende, Gisela Domschke, Kiki Mazzucchelli, Jochen Volz, Alexandra da Cunha, Luciana Martins and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A).

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  8. Vazio S/A in “Track Changes” seminar

    In order to discuss possible new modes of operation in the city, the group of Dutch researchers Crimson Architectural Historians will coordinate the seminar Track Changes in 4-7 November at Centro Cultural São Paulo. Part of the X São Paulo Biennale events, Track Changes discusses three themes: We the People, on the democratic aspect of master plans, […]

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  9. Forum of Young Latin-American Architects

    The architect Carlos Teixeira will be a speaker at the FJAL (Forum of Young Latin-American Architects) that takes place in May 15-17 in Fortaleza, Brazil. A biennial event, FJAL sponsors the debate on the new architectural production in the region, focusing the practices which combine theory and practice. It also includes lectures by Adamo-Faiden (Argentina), […]

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  10. The seminar “Creative Economy and Urban Space” takes place December 10th-12th in Recife (Brazil) and includes lectures by architects Franklin Lee (SubDv), Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A) and the president of Digital Port Recife, Francisco Saboya.

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  11. The next Quito Biennial, Ecuator, will take place in 19-23 November and includes lectures by Rural Studio, José María Sánchez García, Derek Dellekamp, Carla Juaçaba, Tyin Tegnestue and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), who will also be part of the jury of the Biennial’s international competition.

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  12. Seminario Internacional Ciudad Arquitectura Informal

    After an invite of director Ione Medeiros, Carlos Teixeira | Vazio S/A organized an international seminar in order to discuss Brazilian architecture together with today’s best South American architects. Cidade Arquitetura Informal is part of Verão Arte Contemporânea (13/jan to 12/feb), a festival in its sixth year that, besides music, dance, literature and theater shows, this year also includes architecture in its schedule. The seminar ambition is to discuss what happens in Brazil now within a larger, Latin American […]

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  13. Extremes: Architecture and Emergency

    The school of architecture at SENAC, Sao Paulo, organized Extremes, a seminar whose goal is “to discuss the role of the architect in the face of demands imposed by emergencies and exceptions in large cities, such as occupation of risk areas, prevention and reaction to natural disasters, and situations arising from social problems and reconstruction […]

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  14. Architecture Week, Uni-BH

    It’s today! Architecture Week, Uni-BH, with architect Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A).

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  15. Sorry, this entry is only available in Português.

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  16. City/Body
    11:10 am

    The  Student Union of the Architecture School at UFMG invites everybody to Corporeidade numa Corpocidade, a seminar on the fringes between dance and architecture. After a workshop with dance company Movasse, there will be a talk with Adriano Mattos, Maurício Leonard e Carlos Teixeira. EA-UFMG: Rua Paraíba 697, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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  17. At the kombi of Quito

    Quito Forum was great fun. It was a good opportunity to get to know los quiteños, the Cotopaxi volcano and to enjoy the great companion of the Brazilians who joined the forum: Abílio and Silvana Guerra, Mauro Munhoz, Marcelo Ferraz and Francisco Fanucci, Luiz Carlos Toledo, Marta Bogéa, Fernando de Mello Franco and Marcos Acayaba. […]

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  18. 10th International Architecture Forum – Brazil

    The 10th International Architecture Forum – Brazil happens on 27 and 28 March, at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, in Ecuador. Carlos was invited to present the work of Vazio S/A in the first day of the event.

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