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  1. Topographical Amnesias: the weeds

    Planting urban weeds: photos of the plantation used in Topographical Amnesias II – the set design for the play Nomads by theater company Armatrux. More info here. . . . . . More info here.    

  2. Void Possibilities: Palimpsest Square and Topographical Amnesias

    Vazio S/A started a partnership with the theater company Armatrux in 2001, when we worked together on the project Topographical Amnesias I, where the play Invent to Leonardo was staged. This rare convergence between theater, architecture, scenography and urbanism was repeated later with other companies in Brazil, including Teatro da Vertigem and Teatro Oficina, both […]

  3. Void possibilities: Ibirapuera marquee = beach

    New drawing! This is a possible layout of our Ibirapuera Marquee on a Sunday morning. Here the marquee’s roof is the site for concerts, dancing, sun-tanning, yoga classes — whatever. “We believe that the uncertainty and the uses of the marquee can be enhanced, and with few resources. Through a modular tubular staircase, its huge […]

  4. Void possibilities: Lagos’ third mainland bridge

    Few spaces are as striking as those under the Third Mainland Bridge. But this board has something very particular: it is only 400 meters away from Makoko, the floating slum that has made headlines with the Makoko Floating School, designed by Nigerian architect Kunlé Adeyeme. Now, can Makoko’s future be in services installed under this […]

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  5. Void possibilities: Hong Kong’s in-between

    Among the many wastelands of Hong Kong are the pedestrian alleyways squeezed between 50-story buildings. Hong Kong is as overwhelming as sweeping; its vertical mass scattered across the mountains gives us the image of a monstrous, inhuman and fascinating city. But this density also offers us a world of unexpected solutions. Less regulated and less […]

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  6. New project!: Dubai creek mosque

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