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  1. Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?

    The nice Colombian magazine Exclama has just published an issue about Brazil. Optimist and slightly acid, the section about architecture has the title “¿Habrá Vida Después de Niemeyer?” (Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?), and was written by architect Juan Ricardo Rincón. Below, we copy his essay’s first paragraph, where our Vila del Rey House […]

  2. Message to Oscar
    04:16 pm
    Message to Oscar

    Fernando Lara, former teacher at the  Taubman College (MI) and professor at the Texas University, tell us about a conversation he heard some days ago… Message to Oscar Fernando L Lara The phone ringed in the middle of the night and he got it quickly, jumping out of the bed as if a century had […]

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