The Same The Other – Vazio S/A
  1. The Other, the Same

    29th Sao Paulo International Art Biennial, terreiro (yard) o Outro, o Mesmo (the Other, the Same) by Carlos Teixeira. More info at the Biennial website, photos: Nelson Kon, Camila Picolo, Carlos Teixeira

  2. Entre – launch of the book at Sao Paulo Art Biennial

    “Entre” consists of seven projects by architect Carlos M Teixeira, who designed the yard The Other, the Same, one of the six living spaces (or terreiros) on show at the current Sao Paulo International Art Biennial. To be launched in the terreiro in December 7, the book presents proposals developed by the author with performing […]

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  3. 29th Sao Paulo Art Biennial, 31/10/2010: performance “Volumetries” by artist Marco Paulo Rolla in our terreiro “The Other, the Same” (performance real time: 50 minutes).

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  4. 29th Sao Paulo Art Biennial – The Other, the Same

    This is to invite everyone to the 29th São Paulo Art Biennial, whose opening will be on the 25th, Saturday. Like Spiral Booths (V&A Museum, see posts below), the yard “O Outro o Mesmo” [The Other, the Same] is a framework for fiction and performance, but the relationship between event and space is one of few similarities between the two. […]

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  5. Under Construction – The Other, The Same

    “The Other, the Same” under construction: 29th Sao Paulo Art Biennial, August 11.