M3 Arquitetura – Vazio S/A
  1. R. Salmona Awards’ catalog

    The Rogelio Salmona Award catalog has just been published by the R. Salmona Foundation in Bogota and includes our H3o park – one of the 20 Latin American projects selected to participate. To apply, the building must have the potential to improve the city’s public space, be built more than five years ago and demonstrate […]

  2. Seminario Internacional Ciudad Arquitectura Informal

    After an invite of director Ione Medeiros, Carlos Teixeira | Vazio S/A organized an international seminar in order to discuss Brazilian architecture together with today’s best South American architects. Cidade Arquitetura Informal is part of Verão Arte Contemporânea (13/jan to 12/feb), a festival in its sixth year that, besides music, dance, literature and theater shows, this year also includes architecture in its schedule. The seminar ambition is to discuss what happens in Brazil now within a larger, Latin American […]

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