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  1. e-architect 165 – Heavy and Light Lights

    On August 21, the online journal e-architect published “Heavy and Light Lights” (below), written by Carlos Teixeira after an invite by e-architect’s editor Isabelle Lomholt. The website publishes a weekly newsletter written by a guest editor to present its new projects. The new buildings that appear in the editorial are a house in Ho Chi […]

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  2. Design Boom, A Weekly Dose, ArqBacana, ArchDaily etc.

    285 Montevideo was published in several of the most visited architectural websites in the world, including A Weekly Dose of Architecture (New York), ArqBacana (São Paulo), World Architects (Switzerland), Design Boom (Holand), e-architect (Scotland), and Arch Daily (world).  

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  3. e-architect Editorial

    e-architect — one of the three largest architecture websites in the world  — published today the brief editorial Critical Beauty, written by architect Carlos Teixeira after an invitation by the publisher Isabelle Lomholt. Every week, an invited editor presents the new projects of the website, and this week has new works by OMA,  Iotti + Pavarani, […]