Vila Del Rey House – Vazio S/A
  1. Architectural Grafts – sketches

    Exhuming drawings from Vazio S/A archives: sketches of “Architectural Grafts”, 2008 More information here. .  

  2. Vila del Rey House

    A new essay (pictured below) on our Vila del Rey house was produced by photographer Leonardo Finotti. Complete essay available at the photographer’s website

  3. The Italian TV network TV Leonardo has a program which promotes houses in many countries with detailed reports, devoting 30 minutes to each project. The shooting below was broadcasted a few months ago and presents our Vila del Rey house. ©Serious Production, TV Leonardo, Riccardo Marino.

  4. Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?

    The nice Colombian magazine Exclama has just published an issue about Brazil. Optimist and slightly acid, the section about architecture has the title “¿Habrá Vida Después de Niemeyer?” (Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?), and was written by architect Juan Ricardo Rincón. Below, we copy his essay’s first paragraph, where our Vila del Rey House […]

  5. Written by architect Fernando Lara (University of Michigan assistant professor), this text was published to present the house Vila del Rey in the latest issue of Argentinean magazine “30-60 – Cuadernos Latinoamericanos de Arquitectura.” Fernando Lara (1) “contrary to the complexity of filled space, voids are simple” Carlos M Teixeira, Em Obras, p. 277 (Cosac […]

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