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  1. “Space Other” in the 8th UNESP Architecture Week

    The Student Union of UNESP organizes the 8th Architecture Week, which takes place from August 25 to 29 in Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo. With the theme “Space Other”, the seminar’s participants are Elisabete França, Marcos L. Rosa, Laura Sobral, Arthur Whitaker and Vazio S/A.

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  2. Brazilian Pavilion for Expo Milan 2015

    In a multidisplinary team that included our frequent partners MAch Arquitetos and BCMF Arquitetos, and also the graphic design office Hardy Design, the environmental engineering company Oreades, and the Italian architecture office Eurofiere S.p.A., Vazio S/A participated in the competition for the Brazilian Pavilion / Milan Expo 2015 (pictured). Earth and water together assume a […]

  3. Brazil Builds
    10:28 am
    Brazil Builds

    Arquitectura Viva, one of the most influential architectural magazines in the world, has just released its issue “Brasil Construye” with Rio 2007 Pan-American Games’ Shooting Center on the cover (pictured below). The project was built to a BCMF Architects design, who shares the same address with Vazio S/A, a 1920s house in Belo Horizonte. Vazio […]

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  4. Seminario Internacional Ciudad Arquitectura Informal

    After an invite of director Ione Medeiros, Carlos Teixeira | Vazio S/A organized an international seminar in order to discuss Brazilian architecture together with today’s best South American architects. Cidade Arquitetura Informal is part of Verão Arte Contemporânea (13/jan to 12/feb), a festival in its sixth year that, besides music, dance, literature and theater shows, this year also includes architecture in its schedule. The seminar ambition is to discuss what happens in Brazil now within a larger, Latin American […]

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  5. Evolo Skycrapers – the book

    With hundreds of skyscrapers’ designs in 1,224 pages, the book e-Volo has just been launched in a limited edition of 500 copies. E-Volo — Rethinking the Skyscraper is a contest that in the last six years received 4,000 proposals from architects all over the world, out of which 300 were compiled in the big book. Carlos M […]

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  7. In partnership with BCMF Arquitetos, Vazio S/A designed a renovation project for the Guama river basin in Belem’s waterfront (Brazilian Amazon, population: 2,2 million) aiming the removal of the informal settlements built incredibly right over the city’s drainage canals. The Guama river rises seven meters every year — that’s normal for the Amazon river’s tributaries –, and the […]

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  8. Vazio S/A / New Address

    Vazio S/A has just relocated to a 1920s house in Belo Horizonte. The house is also the base of BCMF Architects (our frequent partner), A&M, and Hardy Design.

  9. BCMF Architects: IAKS Award Gold Medal

    The office BCMF Architects (Bruno Campos, Marcelo Fontes and Silvio Todeschi) just won the Gold Medal in Latin America IAKS Award (International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities / Latin America and Caribbean section) with the Deodoro Sports Complex. Although unbuilt, Vazio S/A collaborated on the project with the landscape design for the Shooting Center […]

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