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  1. Ukraina Hotel
    04:49 pm
    Ukraina Hotel

    Ukraina Hotel is our entry for a competition to redesign a new entryway for a hotel in Moscow — see projects section.    

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  2. City/Body
    11:10 am

    The  Student Union of the Architecture School at UFMG invites everybody to Corporeidade numa Corpocidade, a seminar on the fringes between dance and architecture. After a workshop with dance company Movasse, there will be a talk with Adriano Mattos, Maurício Leonard e Carlos Teixeira. EA-UFMG: Rua Paraíba 697, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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  3. 285 Montevideo
    09:14 am
    285 Montevideo

    285 Montevideo was completed in the end of February. The building has roof gardens, solar water heating, fountainbushes (Russelia equisetiformis) in planting boxes, solar light filters (cantilevered grilles), 3,5-meter ceiling height in three apartaments, all the rooms and bedrooms’ windows facing the morning sun, cross ventilation in all the units, etc.  285 Montevideo was built […]

  4. Born in Brazil – Wallpaper May 2010

    The latest edition of Wallpaper magazine, “Born in Brazil | Nascida no Brasil,” features a panel (aka incredibly  hyper-colorized) from recent projects, including our project 285 Montevideo. .