Lausanne Jardins 2014 competition – Vazio S/A

Vazio S/A took part in the competition of urban gardens for the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, and was ranked among the 33 finalists from a total of 411 initially subscribed. The 25 prizewinning projects were announced in the second issue of Lausanne Jardins_landing.

About Lausanne Jardins

In 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2009, the city of Lausanne organized four editions of the event Lausanne Jardins which immediately gained an international reputation. Cultural event combining landscaping with a reflection over the city, it aims to insert gardens in urban spaces: streets, squares, abandoned lands, facades or roofs.

The result is a high potential of integration between landscape designers and intellectuals, scientists, artists and amateurs interested in the presence of the green in the city. Each edition allows the perpetuation of several of these gardens.

The issue Lausanne Jardins 2014 offers the opportunity to experience spontaneous gardens, adapted to the urban environment, sustainable in a long-term and mobile, so as to invent other forms of manifestation of the green in the city.

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