Under construction: 100% Minas exhibition design – Vazio S/A

100% Minas is an exhibition that seeks to present the brand new production of furniture designers based in Minas Gerais. Designed by Vazio S/A, the expography of the show seeks references in common elements of civil works: wooden post shores and facade mesh. Although part of the construction process of any building, such temporary components never remain and are rarely considered as elements of the final architecture.

The pinus posts serve to delimit, albeit subtly, the compartmentalization and circulation around the room. Arranged in a 2×2 meters mesh, they suggest possibilities of circulation, structure the arrangement of the objects and at the same time exalt the bars of the ceiling, on which the posts are fixed. Joining them as if in a translucent labyrinth, the planes formed by the screens define the many ambiences of the room.

100% Minas
Expography: Vazio S/A
Curator: Monica Boscarino
Lighting Design: Atiaia Design

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