Simbio 2012 – Vazio S/A
Simbio 2012

We would like to invite everyone to the opening of the exhibition Simbio at Palacio das Artes, Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Simbio is an exhibition where the six invited artists must work with two collaborators  and where the result should reflect this process done at six hands.  Carlos Teixeira(Vazio S/A) invited architect  Fernando Maculan (expography) and artist  Leonardo Costa Braga (photo essay) to jointly submit “Grafts”, a work that employs the process of a garden as its starting point.



Simbio reaches its second edition and once again have the dialogue between the arts as its  main moto. The project – conceived by art director Jeff Santos and conducted by Mercado Moderno – proposes to approach issues such as collaborative art and artistic symbiosis. “Simbio acts to contribute to the formation of new creators, enabling the research, training, exchange, circulation and production of thought in various forms of artistic expression,” says the director. At first, six artists from different areas were invited, and then each selected two or three collaborators from a field of knowledge different than theirs, to then develop a work to be exhibited from April 24 to May 13. The artists are: Binho Barreto (design), Carlos Teixeira (architecture), Clarissa Campolina (audiovisual), Felipe Turcheti (multimedia and programming), Julia Panades (poetry) and Raquel Schembri (illustration).

Enxertos (Grafts)
Carlos Teixeira (architecture), Fernando Maculan (designer) and Leonardo Costa Braga (artist photographer)
Grafting is a project that began as an investigation into the passage of time in a garden, and explores nature as a process of resistances and resignations, frictions and attractions, growth and rejection. Work designed at six hands, the photographer Leonardo Costa Braga made a new essay that departs from the state in which the garden is today, while the architect Fernando Maculan made the museography starting from objects in process of decomposition that represent the time, resistances and the resignations of the garden.


Opening:24 April 2012

Exhibition: 25 April to 13 May 2012


Binho Barreto – collaborators: Eurico Fernandes and Guilherme Lessa

Carlos Teixeira –  collaborators: Fernando Maculan and Leonardo Costa Braga

Clarissa Campolina –  collaborators: O Grivo, Joana Hardy and Antônio Valladares

Felipe Turcheti –  collaborators: Pedro Veneroso and Tiago Mata Machado

Julia Panadés –  collaborators: Gilda Quintão, Pablo Lobato and Mariana Hardy

Raquel Schembri –  collaborators: Ricardo Portilho, Dragana Brankovi and Shima

Palacio das Artes:Av. Afonso Pena 1537 , Belo Horizonte MG

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