Building in Carajás National Forest, Amazon – Vazio S/A

Designed to house a new Vale Mining office in Pará, this new Vazio S/A project is inserted in a small clearing in the Carajás National Forest (Brazilian Amazon), seeking the least impact on the landscape. The metal roof defines a building that is both tropical and industrial, with generous openings and spaces between ceilings. The roof is staggered, allowing inter-water ventilation whenever possible and drawing a profile that gives the buiding its own character. The façades are shaded and, when necessary, protected with hollow cloths that filter the light, but not the breezes: they are metallic louvers that function as large steel shutters, sometimes arranged as horizontal lines, sometimes as vertical lines.

The project takes advantage of the immense possibilities of these permeable plans: they are the ingenious elements that we see in the modest constructions of North and Northeast Brazil, with designs that are often fanciful and naive, and that here define a fundamental membrane to dampen excessive light and heavy rain.

The external walls are recessed and protected, creating passively air-conditioned living areas. And they go only at mid-height, free and loose from the roof.

The windows of the offices are made of glass, always protected with the sun shade mechanism present in the metallic windshields, so that they can remain open in days of milder temperatures (up to 27 ° C), and even during heavy rains.

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