Void possibilities: Reinventer Paris – Vazio S/A

In 2017, the mayor of Paris convened the international competition Reinventer Paris, in which architects and developers were encouraged to propose solutions for infrastructures that are not very visible, such as spaces under overpasses, underutilized underground parking lots, reservoirs, and disused subway stations. The latent possibilities of these infrastructures will be revealed to propose a range of public equipments to be installed in the 34 urban voids that compose the contest.

It is a proposal in tune with the approach that Vazio S/A has been researching since 2001: urban activations that start from an existence, from a trouvé object that can have its condition leveraged through interventions that necessarily accept that condition.

Formed by consorcia of architectural firms and developers, the winning entries of Reinventer Paris will be announced shortly.


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