Void possibilities: Option Lots, Berlin – Vazio S/A

Similar to some urban voids already described in this blog (see “Void possibilities: New York atypical lots” for example), in Berlin there are bizarre urban gaps that can be the object of an experimental occupation. In the GDR in the 1980s, the vacant lots in central Berlin were being developed with prefabricated buildings. Due to the rigid system of pre-fab construction applied, there were remaining areas between the orthogonal slab and the existing neighboring buildings, which were generally lined with false facades.

Interested in reverting the condition of these voids, the office Brandlhuber+ mapped 58 niches in the Berlin-Mitte district within its broader research for a better availability of residential units in the center. When designing them as “options lots”, B+ alludes to the potential for appropriation of these places of urban indeterminacy, as they have no relevance to the real estate market, and points out a discussion on the latent voids little explored by architects and local authorities.

More information: Brandlhuber+ website.


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