Void possibilities: flyovers in BH – Vazio S/A

The images below are two examples of what can be done with urban voids. The first is a mosaic of photos of several overpasses along the East West Expressway in Belo Horizonte and was done during our research Under the Expressway, held many years ago in partnership with the Integration Office of PUC-MG and sponsored by the Ministry of Cities.

The second is a current photo of Viaduto das Artes, an amazing multidisciplinary cultural space located in Barreiro, also in Belo Horizonte. Installed under an overpass at Av. Olinto Meireles, it is a cultural center where the exhibition Recortes, which features engravings by artists Frans Krajcberg and Fayga Ostrower, among others, is on display.
The exhibition is on until 17 August.

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