Void Possibilities: inside Oporto’s blocks – Vazio S/A

There is in Porto an unexplored and expectant world: the so-called secret gardens inside its blocks. An obscure mark of the urban fabric of this city, such urban voids are even more surprising given the location of several of them right in the Center, especially in the historic neighborhoods of Santo Ildefonso and Cedofeita. That is, Porto has hidden and ignored spaces in regions where there is much urban infrastructure and in blocks that have cultural, environmental and architectural values totally unknown even by the portuesenses.
Raising, exploring and cataloging the current state of these inner backyards is a proposal that was presented by Vazio S/A to the City Hall in partnership with the Porto architects Pedro Barata de Castro and Pedro Silva (Anarchlab). The photos below were made during a concert by the Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva in one of these voids as part of the jazz festival Porta Jazz.

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