Nantou Playground – Vazio S/A
Nantou Playground

We are very proud to present our proposal for the Shenzhen / Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale: a playground as opportunity to install a fresh public use into an empty building in Nantou, an urban village in Shenzhen, China.

Like trying to mix water and oil, the challenge of the project lies in keeping something of the roughness and wild textures of an abandoned concrete frame with the magical and festive atmosphere of a playground. Besides proposing a public use in the private realm, its new slides will let Nantou’s children play right in the center of their neighbourhood — a hyper dense, compact informal settlement that lacks play areas.

With special acknowlegments to Meng Yan, Liu Xiaodu and Hou Hanru, curators of the Biennale.

+info: Nantou Playground

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