Ode to the Wilderness of Brasilia – Vazio S/A

In partnership with two studios — L-A-P from Medelin and MACh from BH — Vazio S/A has conceived a park in Brasilia for a national competition. “Buritizais and Mounds,” the name of the proposal, inserts program (sports fields, skate bowls, playgrounds, gymnastics etc.) on the perimeter of the area, thereby freeing 400,000 m2 in the core to a natural park that retrieves the biome which existed in the Federal Disctrict before the process of urbanization. The result is a landscape that highlights the sources of the area and the swamps of the savannah, and praises the wild grasses, the weeds and the buriti palm; all being the main elements of the buritizais as ignored in Brazil as they were once praised by good local writers such as José de Alencar and Guimarães Rosa.


Brazil-Colombia team:

Medelin, Co: Edgar Mazo and Sebastian Alvarez (L-A-P) +

Belo Horizonte, Br: Fernando Maculan (MACh) and Carlos Teixeira  (Vazio S/A)



Brazil-Colombia team – collaborators:.

Belo Horizonte: Leonardo Rodrigues (architect); Daila Araujo (architect); Cecilia Reis (student); Natalia Freitas (student); Gabriel Resende (student); Anna Lobato (student); Carolina Boaventura (student).

Medellin: Guillaume Avila (student); Victor Juvin (student); Julian Oquendo (student); Julio Cabrera (student); Juliana Velez (student); Monica Suarez (student).

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