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Friendly Fire

“Space for subversion, mockery and fetish in architecture”, the iconoclastic Portuguese fanzine Friendly Fire has just sent us the no. 86 copy of its very limited run of 100! Friendly Fire is at Archizines world tour, an exhibition which celebrates and promotes the recent reemergence of independent architectural magazines all over the planet. Including volumes from the United States to Argentina, from Norway to Tanzania, these new independent publications are reshaping the editorial world, assuming comments and criticisms that are beyond the realm of architecture to cover everyday life. The itinerary of the exhibition began at the Architectural Association in London, has joined the influential galleries Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York and do You read Me?! in Berlin, now it’s in Porto (home of Friendly Fire) and then goes to Tokyo, Paris, Brussels, Dublin, etc.

Designed in AutoCAD (!!!), thanks to Friendly Fire we finally could publish our old but unseen drawing of Villa Savoye on stilts (pictured), part of the research Topographical Amnesias

Friendly Fire

Archizines World Tour

5 November – 14 December 2011
Architectural Association
ARCHIZINES LIVE: Saturday 5 November

27 January – 23 February 2012
Spazio FMG per l’architettura
ARCHIZINES LIVE in collaboration with Domus: Thursday 23 February

12 April – 11 May 2012
Otrascosas de Villar-Rosàs
Events to be announced

New York
18 April – 9 June 2012
Storefront for Art and Architecture
ARCHIZINES LIVE: Symposium on Publishing Practices: 20 – 21 April

26 April – 26 May 2012
do you read me?!
ARCHIZINES LIVE: Saturday 28 April

Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)
ARCHIZINES LIVE: Thursday 17 May 2012
(event only)

15 June – 27 July 2012
Faculty of Architecture, Porto University (FAUP)
Opening and round table: Thursday 14 June

1–17 September 2012
design museum de sign de >

6 – 27 September 2012
Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture
Private view: Wednesday 5 September
Conference: Thursday 6 September

21 – 23 September 2012
KUAD?TUAD gaien campus

5 October – 3 November 2012
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Private view: Thursday 4 October
ARCHIZINES LIVE: Friday 5 October

5 – 23 November 2012
Slovak Technical University

15 November 2012 – 12 January 2013
Preview: Wednesday 14th November
Irish Architecture Foundation

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