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“Entre” consists of seven projects by architect Carlos M Teixeira, who designed the yard The Other, the Same, one of the six living spaces (or terreiros) on show at the current Sao Paulo International Art Biennial. To be launched in the terreiro in December 7, the book presents proposals developed by the author with performing arts groups in which urban structures, events, void spaces and the body are intermingled and work as set design.

The first, Topographical Amnesias I, started his office’s research together with the street theater group Armatrux. In 2001 they were looking after a location for their new play, what led them to investigate new concepts of street and put them inside the huge stilts beneath residential buildings (or “palafittes” of concrete): monumental voids that are an architectural aberration common in the mountainous landscape of some neighborhoods in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The relationship between body and space is also in Spiral Booths and Tantalize, in which the scale of the city is replaced by the scenic space. Spiral Booths was thought of as a fragmented theater where the actors act in micro-stages, each one built at different levels of a spiral staircase, and each one inviting visitors and actors at the (…)

Author: Carlos M. Teixeira
Publishing company: Instituto Cidades Criativas / Creative Cities Institute
ISBN 978-85-61659-13-4
Number of pages: 380 (13×18 cm)
Price: R$ 40,00
In Portuguese

Sao Paulo Launch
December 7, with the presence of Agnaldo Farias, the Biennale curator; Paulo Miyada, reasearcher and curatorial assistant, and Wellington Cançado, Inst. Cidades Criativas editor.
Location: São Paulo Biennial
Address: Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil

Livraria Cultura, Sao Paulo

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