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Published by Viana & Mosley, “Entre – Interviews with Architects by Architecture Students” (org.: Francesco Perrotta-Bosch, Gabriel Kozlowski, Valmir Azevedo and Mariana Meneghetti) is a collection of thirteen interviews with a number of renown Brazilian architects.

It is especially interesting the reading of all the different lines comparing the relevance that each architect provides to certain issues, such as the different modes of operation in the daily practice of architecture; the relationships created between what is done in the office and the teaching methods in the academic realm; positions on issues such as the social role of architecture, sustainability and tectonics; personal notions of beauty; distinct visions of urbanity; the cultivation of modernism’s heroes by some and the deconstruction effort of the heroic aura by others; the speeches that are structured in relation to the local scale of the brick and others that hold up for phenomena that succeed on a global scale, etc.

With interviews with Andrade Morettin, Arquitetos Associados, BLAC, CAMPO aud, Carla Juaçaba, João Walter Toscano, João Filgueiras Lima (Lele), MMBB, Nietsche Arquitetos Associados, Rua Arquitetos, SPBR, Vazio S/A, Ana Luiza Nobre and Guilherme Wisnik, it presents a set of extremely active and qualifiedly professionals able to face the transformations we are subjected to at the present time in Brazil.

The launch will be December 14 at Livraria da Travessa, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

Source: ArchDaily

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