Chaumont-sur-Loire 2020 – the coronavirus wait – Vazio S/A

Our “Paysage de Feu” (Landscape of Fire), a garden that will be built on the occasion of the next Festival International des Jardins Chaumont-sur-Loire 2020, awaits the outcome of the coronavirus crisis. The garden will be assembled with twisted branches of trees from Cerrado, the savannah of Brazil’s hinterlands, and explores several issues related to Cerrado: the beauty of its gnarled trees, the furrowed bark of its trunks, its fragility as an ecosystem, the growing threat of livestock companies – and the necessary valorization of this neglected biome.

The pieces have already made a very long Brazil-France trip (more than 9,000 km!!!) and are now in a yard in the Loire Valley, waiting for the end of this imbroglio.

Below: branches of barbatimões and mandiocões-do-campo in front of Chaumont’s greenhouse, mar/2020



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