Belem’s Solids – the film – Vazio S/A

In partnership with BCMF Arquitetos, Vazio S/A designed a renovation project for the Guama river basin in Belem’s waterfront (Brazilian Amazon, population: 2,2 million) aiming the removal of the informal settlements built incredibly right over the city’s drainage canals. The Guama river rises seven meters every year — that’s normal for the Amazon river’s tributaries –, and the canals served as large linear stormwater pools along the river’s banks. The project proposes the relocation of the houses built over the canals – which, occupied, lost the function to contain the floodwater – and the construction of new  houses in nearby areas or in front of the canals. The video below is a travelling and shows the absurd state of the canals in 2007, when the project was developed.

Music: Don don, by 
Li Sandandonijrë

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