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  1. Void possibilities # 2: model #4

    photo: Carlos Teixeira

  2. Exhibition “Misunderstandings” on Domus magazine

    The Italian magazine Domus has just published a review about the exhibition “Misunderstandings” at Campo gallery, Rome. Our entry, “The Grid”, appears as the front image.

  3. Vazio S/A is one of the participants of the exhibition “Misunderstandings” in Campo, a gallery in Rome the aim of which is to “debate, study and celebrate architecture”. The other participants of the show starting today are: Black Square, BuildingBuilding, Matilde Cassani, Lukas Feireiss, Saba Innab, LIST, Kula Manthey, OBRA, OMMX, PioveneFabi, and UHO. Everyone […]

  4. This Tuesday Carlos Teixeira will take part on the debate “Other Narratives” which is part of the “Ser Urbano: 7th Architecture and Urbanism Week at PUC-Rio “. + info on the event’s page.

  5. Vazio lecture at Curitiba, Brazil

    Today, Vazio S/A will be on the Federal University of Paraná’s Academic Week of Architecture and Urbanism (SAAU), in Curitiba. Full event program on the SAAU’s Facebook page

  6. Other Territories

    The curator Eduardo de Jesus and Vazio S/A are producing a festival of architecture and urban art on the neighborhood Buritis, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Called Other Territories, its goal is to discuss latent urban voids and to propose solutions for up to 20 “stilted” buildings. The 20  interventions will be simultaneous and the show […]

  7. H3o in the shortlist of Rogelio Salmona’s Prize, Colombia

    Our H3o park is among the 20 selected Latin American projects to take part on Colombia’s Rogelio Salmona‘s architecture Prize!!!

  8. Cerrado house on Domus Magazine

    Cerrado House was published in Domus; full article here.

  9. Cerrado House: Madreperola’s photoshooting

    A preview of Madreperola’s photo essay at Cerrado House by photographer Gustavo Marx.

  10. Structural Archaeology in the Cyrillic alphabet!

    The Russian website BERLOGOS published our project Structural Archaeology. To see the full article, click on this link.

  11. Cerrado House: photo essay by TT Beachwear

    Photo: Breno Mayer +info:

  12. New project online: MG State Schools

    Designed after a public tender, this proposal for MG State Schools that we just delivered seeks to define an architectural identity linked to a modular and flexible solution for the new 50 units to be built throughout the State. The project was made in partnership with M3Arquitetura. +info:

  13. Relaxing at Cerrado House

    Sketch: BCMF Arquitetos +info:

  14. Bim Bon Award 2014

    Our expography design for the show Gambiólogos is the winner of a national competition, Bim Bon – see details in the link below.

  15. Lausanne Jardins 2014 competition

    Vazio S/A took part in the competition of urban gardens for the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, and was ranked among the 33 finalists from a total of 411 initially subscribed. The 25 prizewinning projects were announced in the second issue of Lausanne Jardins_landing. About Lausanne Jardins In 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2009, the city of […]

  16. Vazio S/A + Space Group +  Triptyque

    The exhibition From Skin to Flesh begins today at Eduardo Fernandes gallery. The model showcase of the three invited offices – Triptyque (São Paulo), Space Group (Oslo) and Vazio S/A (BH) – was curated by architect Ricardo de Ostos and is on show until December. Everyone is invited! Galeria Eduardo Fernandes Rua Harmonia, 145 […]

  17. Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?

    The nice Colombian magazine Exclama has just published an issue about Brazil. Optimist and slightly acid, the section about architecture has the title “¿Habrá Vida Después de Niemeyer?” (Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?), and was written by architect Juan Ricardo Rincón. Below, we copy his essay’s first paragraph, where our Vila del Rey House […]

  18. The Factory: performance in Spiral Booths, V&A

    “Never before has the V&A knowingly hosted a theatrical event. Until Brazilian architect, Carlos Teixeira, built the V&A a theatre. Wait ’til you see it. “On 25th, 26th and 27th of June The Factory presents 6 short new plays by 6 writers specially written for this most venerable, this most English, this most unsuspecting of institutions. “Please do […]

  19. The Serendipitous Model

    The model of project Architectural Grafts was done in 2009 for the 8th Sao Paulo Biennial (see aldo Grafts). The trunks of the model were made from the remains of the pruning of a hierba mala (Euphorbia cotinifolia L.), a bush which, when cut, releases a rich white sap. After the Biennial, the model stayed […]

  20. “Dear Architects: I’m sick of your shit” é uma carta escrita por Annie Choi com humor muito mais que negro dirigida a todos os arquitetos. Foi originalmente publicada na Pidgin (revista de pós-graduação da Escola de Arquitetura da Universidade de Princeton) e tem circulado muito por aí. E é leitura obrigatória para aqueles que ainda pensam em, um dia, tornar-se arquiteto… […]