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  1. Schie 2.0/ Urban Fabric Carlos Teixeira This text was commissioned by the philosopher-curator Nelson Brissac to the still unpublished “Arte Cidade Zona Leste”. With projects spread through Pari, Brás and Zona Cerealista districts (in the east of downtown São Paulo), this one, which was the last Arte Cidade (a biennial of urban interventions conceived by […]

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  2. “Tempo” – Tese de Luisa Apalhao, Royal College of Arts

    (Português) arte ur

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  3. Philip Johnson
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    Philip Johnson

    Text published in the local journal Letras do Café in October 2007, whose theme was “money.” Carlos Teixeira On the criticism that his projects were easy: “It is because I am a bad architect.” On the activity of the architects: “The duty of an architect today is to create beautiful buildings. That is all.” On […]

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  5. Written by Roberto Andrés and published on the journal of the Graduate School of Design at USP (University of Sao Paulo) in June 2009, the following text builds a  keensighted critique on the possible theoretical and practical repercussions of the interventions presented in the book Collateral Spaces (see also the post above  Collateral Spaces – […]

  6. Written by architect Fernando Lara (University of Michigan assistant professor), this text was published to present the house Vila del Rey in the latest issue of Argentinean magazine “30-60 – Cuadernos Latinoamericanos de Arquitectura.” Fernando Lara (1) “contrary to the complexity of filled space, voids are simple” Carlos M Teixeira, Em Obras, p. 277 (Cosac […]

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