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  1. Void possibilities: Palimpsest square

    The brief text below was originally written for “The Floor I Step On,” an inspiring Instagram page that became a bestselling book published by journalists Raíssa Pena and Paola Carvalho. Palimpsest Square Carlos M Teixeira “Old house floors remind me of a theater play staged on a vacant lot many, many years ago, in 2001. […]

  2. Void possibilities: The field

    The photographer Joachim Schmid has an essay on soccer fields in Brazil (The Field, 2010) that shows that, depending on the contingencies found, football doesn’t have to be practiced in a rectangle. More than a revelation that it can accommodate to topography and non-orthogonal limits, the photos show a fantastic solid/void contrast in the middle […]

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  3. Void possibilities: the Thousand-day Railroad

    The Thousand-day Railroad Carlos M Teixeira In the early 70s, the military regime then in power in Brazil conducted preliminary studies for the construction of a new railroad connecting Belo Horizonte, Rio and São Paulo. The results were published with fanfare in the press, where the project, officially called the Steel Railway, was nicknamed “The […]

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  5. Along the river during the Qingming festival

    A free reference we’ve used to structure our “The grid: landscape of colonizing voids” (see post below), “Along the river…” is a scroll painting made by Chinese artist Zhang Zeduan in the 12th century during the Song dinasty. In its length there are 814 humans, 28 boats, 60 animals, 30 buildings, 20 vehicles, 8 sedan […]

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  6. A plunge into the abyss

    In a world where water use is increasingly discussed, it is surprising to know that the stepwells of Rajasthan and Gujarat are structures as fabulous as they are unknown. Architectonic Abyss Carlos M Teixeira “My first impression upon seeing the Indian stepwells was this: they look like a reverie of inverted steps and levels, a […]

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  7. The Grid: a landscape of colonizing voids

    The exhibition “Misunderstandings”, held jointly by Campo gallery (Rome) and Le FRAC Center (Orleans, France), was intended as an experiment on what should be a historical collection and how contemporary architectural practice can approach it. To do so, twelve architects and artists were invited by curators Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo, Luca Galofaro and Davide Sacconi […]

  8. Urbanism of Absence

    The short text below was published on the exhibition catalogue of the “2º Instituto Tomie Ohtake’s Architecture Award”, which presented its prize finalists in September 2015. The jury was formed by Shundi Iwamizu, Abílio Guerra and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), who wrote about the winning project, “Cota 10”. +info: Exposição do 2º Prêmio de Arquitetura Instituto […]

  9. Architectonic Abysses

    “Abismos Arquitetônicos” (Architectonic Abysses) is an essay about the Indian cisterns which has just been published on the architecture online journal Vitruvius. My first impression upon seeing the Indian stepwells was this: they look like a reverie of inverted steps and levels, a descent into the depths of the desert every bit as disconcerting as a […]

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  10. The corridor in two acts

    >Rehearsal in the corridor, by Cia. de Dança Palacio das Artes   >The corridor, see essay

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  11. 5 Critiques
    12:25 pm
    5 Critiques

    In a profession where its critics rarely expose blunt postures, we’ve selected five recent articles by authors who boldly criticize the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Art Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil’s participation in Venice, the common concept of cultural heritage, and a recent art exhibition in São Paulo: >>>Venice Architecture Biennale: a Koolhaas-contra article, by […]

  12. Failed Architecture reports

    The discussion platform Failed Architecture has published a summary of what was Track Changes, a seminar part of the X Architecture Biennale in São Paulo, which happened at Sao Paulo Cultural Center. Passing with ease between the areas of architecture, urbanism, sociology and the arts, the good FA website is made by critics of urban […]

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  13. Exposed Inside Out

    Carlos M Teixeira Antonio Carlos Avenue, in Belo Horizonte, had its number of tracks doubled recently. Sheds, garages, shacks and houses were demolished to enable it for the future “Bus Rapid Transport System” known as BRT. After the demolition of these anonymous buildings that previously confined it, the avenue of today reveals a parade of […]

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  14. Back to 1916¹
    05:46 pm

    Carlos M Teixeira Text originally comissioned by the online journal e-architect A two-day exhibit held last week at New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center was a good opportunity to see the competition’s entries for what is supposed to be “the first full-block office tower on Manhattan’s Park Avenue to be built in almost 50 years”. […]

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  15. Entre (the book): Review at Vitruvius Online Journal

    The excelent online journal Vitruvius has just published a review on the book Entre (Carlos M Teixeira, ICC, 2010) written by curator Paulo Miyada, who states it appears as a clearing in the architectural thought of our time and makes room for new questions. Entre can be purchased at Livraria Cultura. In Portuguese only 🙁  !

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  16. Em Direto (Alive)

    Invitated by curator Paulo Miyada (assistant curator of the last Sao Paulo International Art Biennial), Vazio S/A’s Carlos Teixeira is one of the participants of  the exhibition “Em Direto” (Alive) at Oficina Oswald de Andrade, São Paulo. With works that explore time and presence, the show includes Architectural Grafts; a garden of prostheses presented as a photographic record that depicts the architect’s garden along three years, or as the trees  reacting against the […]

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  17. In partnership with BCMF Arquitetos, Vazio S/A designed a renovation project for the Guama river basin in Belem’s waterfront (Brazilian Amazon, population: 2,2 million) aiming the removal of the informal settlements built incredibly right over the city’s drainage canals. The Guama river rises seven meters every year — that’s normal for the Amazon river’s tributaries –, and the […]

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  18. e-architect Editorial

    e-architect — one of the three largest architecture websites in the world  — published today the brief editorial Critical Beauty, written by architect Carlos Teixeira after an invitation by the publisher Isabelle Lomholt. Every week, an invited editor presents the new projects of the website, and this week has new works by OMA,  Iotti + Pavarani, […]

  19. Message to Oscar
    04:16 pm
    Message to Oscar

    Fernando Lara, former teacher at the  Taubman College (MI) and professor at the Texas University, tell us about a conversation he heard some days ago… Message to Oscar Fernando L Lara The phone ringed in the middle of the night and he got it quickly, jumping out of the bed as if a century had […]

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  20. Originally published on the online journal  Vitruvius, this text advocates the participation of architects in property development and describes an experiment developed in discipline Estudio V at Unileste-MG, taught by Wellington Cançado and Carlos Teixeira. It was a good opportunity to contrast the limitations and greed in civil construction with  the freedom of academic speculation. […]

  21. Koolhaas X Mies
    12:00 pm

    Invited by the architect and friend Fernando Lara (Assistant Professor of the Taubman College of Architecture – University of Michigan), I’ve been to Ann Arbor as guest lecturer of his studio. Then I took the chance to visit the new architecture of Chicago, where the stir of the new Frank Gherys dims the best in […]

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  22. Void for Dummies: writer and educator Rubem Alves has written a text about the void to his grandchildren. It is sensational! The void Rubem Alves My grandchildren, today I want you to tell me, what is worth best: the void or the full? Ah! What a stupid question! Everybody knows that what is full is […]

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  23. Give the park back to the city

    Architect Roberto Andrés is a collaborator of Hoje em Dia newspaper. Published in March 2009, the text below comments the absurd history of Parque Municipal, the main park of Belo Horizonte, whose area was reduced to less than a third of its original 15,21 hectares. Devolver o Parque à cidade Roberto R. Andrés The Parque […]

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  24. “Investment” in the slums

    The newest policy of intervention in the slums of Rio de Janeiro: the building of a three metre high wall to “avoid their expansion”. Wellington Cançado, architect and co-organizer of the book  Collateral Spaces (see post Collateral Spaces – bilingual website above), comments on the piece of news. The Wall Wellington Cançado “Rio begins the […]

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