September – 2019 – Vazio S/A
  1. CBM Headquarters
    12:00 pm
    CBM Headquarters

    New project online! Construtora Barbosa Mello’s new headquarters is an open office whose main element is a skylight that provides plenty of natural light, which allowed a highlight to the landscaping. Palm trees, cyclanthus, and golden pothos constrict and demarcate continuous rooms, artificial light is balanced with daylight, and living areas are defined by green […]

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  2. Porto Building
    12:01 pm
    Porto Building

    This is our first project in Porto, Portugal. The Lindo Vale Building has six compact apartments, facades designed from a reading of the traditional architecture of the city, and most importantly in an apartment: spaces with optimized layouts, backyard, terrace, mansards and plenty of natural light. More info here.