July – 2019 – Vazio S/A
  1. Bom Retiro 958 meters: sketches

    As evinced by its title, this theatre play involves a kilometre-long trek around Bom Retiro – a downtown São Paulo neighbourhood known for its sweatshops, Korean grocery stores, Arabian and Jewish restaurants, womenswear and mannequin factories, Bolivian seamstresses, “Cracolandia” (Crackland) etc. The sketches below are part of the proposals of the art direction by Vazio […]

  2. Casa Pampulha
    12:01 pm
    Casa Pampulha

    New project online! Casa Pampulha is a house designed by architect Zanine Caldas in the 1970s and converted into an art collection gallery. Apparently an architect of neo-colonial houses with no identity, Zanine was actually an author who knew how to update the language of Brazilian colonialism with features typical of modernist architecture and the traditional […]