October – 2015 – Vazio S/A
  1. VDA Bldg. (2)
    06:54 pm
    VDA Bldg. (2)

    Photo: Leonardo Finotti + info: http://www.vazio.com.br/site2012/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/43604PR150924-003D.jpg

  2. In order to promote discussion, information and the transformation in public realm and urban scale, the international congress “Public spaces” takes place 19-22 October at PUC RS (Porto Alegre, Brazil) and will include presentations by Claudio Acioly (UN-Habitat), Paulo Bicca (PUC RS), Fernando de Melo Franco (Prefeitura de São Paulo) and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), […]

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  3. A reservoir of unbounded possibilities

    “An unexpected reservoir of unbounded possibilities” is the title of our entry for the contest Currencies of Architecture (Chicago Biennial 2015); a statement praising the architectural voids of the concrete “palafittes”: If modernism was a process of universal ambitions, its side effects are not always the result of a resistance to those ambitions, but often […]