July – 2014 – Vazio S/A
  1. Gambiólogos (Kludgeology) 2.0

    Opened on the eve of the World Cup, the exhibition Gambiologos 2.0 (or Kludgeology) is on show at Oi Futuro Cultural Centre in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and runs until August 17. Gambiologos 2.0 has its curatorial proposal hinged on three themes that have emerged from recent discussions on “Gambiologia”: improvisation in electronic art, the idea of […]

  2. Jardins de Metis – 2014

    The International Garden Festival in Metis, Quebec, is showcasing again our Dead Garden II in this year’s edition (photos below), which began June 28. After going through the long winter of northern Canada, DG II was reassembled including the installation of some translucent screens that had not been installed last year. The Festival fosters interaction […]

  3. VDA Building
    03:39 pm
    VDA Building

    VDA Building is under construction, completion is scheduled to December 2014. Images: Edit