January – 2014 – Vazio S/A
  1. Estudos, esboços e ensaios poéticos sobre arquitetura e territórios afins

    “Dealing with architectures is to deal with body and skin. Dealing with cities, too. Dealing with objects is dealing with entities with which we co-inhabit houses and cities; roughly fixed entities which are there to serve us, to lessen our solitude, to fertilize our dreams and nightmares. “‘Studies, sketches and poetic essays on architecture and […]

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  2. New project online: Cambridge Turf Bench

    Cambridge Turf Bench is an open air reading room we proposed for Cambridge University Library — see projects section.

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  3. Ukraina Hotel
    04:49 pm
    Ukraina Hotel

    Ukraina Hotel is our entry for a competition to redesign a new entryway for a hotel in Moscow — see projects section.    

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  4. The architecture jury of the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA) has just released the 2013 APCA Prize in the Frontiers of Architecture category. Shared between light designer Guilherme Bonfanti and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), the award was given by their participation in the production of the show “Bom Retiro 958 meters“, by theater company […]

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