August – 2011 – Vazio S/A
  1. Design Boom, A Weekly Dose, ArqBacana, ArchDaily etc.

    285 Montevideo was published in several of the most visited architectural websites in the world, including A Weekly Dose of Architecture (New York), ArqBacana (São Paulo), World Architects (Switzerland), Design Boom (Holand), e-architect (Scotland), and Arch Daily (world).  

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  2. In partnership with BCMF Arquitetos, Vazio S/A designed a renovation project for the Guama river basin in Belem’s waterfront (Brazilian Amazon, population: 2,2 million) aiming the removal of the informal settlements built incredibly right over the city’s drainage canals. The Guama river rises seven meters every year — that’s normal for the Amazon river’s tributaries –, and the […]

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