April – 2011 – Vazio S/A
  1. Credits
    09:33 pm

    In motion pictures, all those who participate in the production are mentioned in the final credits: from the director to the cleaners, from the producers to the make-up artists, from the chief actors to the accountants — all are duly credited. Although this never happens in architecture, the home-made video below chronicles the construction of […]

  2. Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?

    The nice Colombian magazine Exclama has just published an issue about Brazil. Optimist and slightly acid, the section about architecture has the title “¿Habrá Vida Después de Niemeyer?” (Will There Be Life After Niemeyer?), and was written by architect Juan Ricardo Rincón. Below, we copy his essay’s first paragraph, where our Vila del Rey House […]

  3. O Outro, O Mesmo – Architectural Review Dec/2010

    The Architectural Review  published a good review of the installation O Outro, o Mesmo in its December/2010 issue. The link below presents the summary of the article just published in AR’s blog.  

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