April – 2009 – Vazio S/A
  1. Give the park back to the city

    Architect Roberto Andrés is a collaborator of Hoje em Dia newspaper. Published in March 2009, the text below comments the absurd history of Parque Municipal, the main park of Belo Horizonte, whose area was reduced to less than a third of its original 15,21 hectares. Devolver o Parque à cidade Roberto R. Andrés The Parque […]

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  2. “Investment” in the slums

    The newest policy of intervention in the slums of Rio de Janeiro: the building of a three metre high wall to “avoid their expansion”. Wellington Cançado, architect and co-organizer of the book  Collateral Spaces (see post Collateral Spaces – bilingual website above), comments on the piece of news. The Wall Wellington Cançado “Rio begins the […]

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  3. At the kombi of Quito

    Quito Forum was great fun. It was a good opportunity to get to know los quiteños, the Cotopaxi volcano and to enjoy the great companion of the Brazilians who joined the forum: Abílio and Silvana Guerra, Mauro Munhoz, Marcelo Ferraz and Francisco Fanucci, Luiz Carlos Toledo, Marta Bogéa, Fernando de Mello Franco and Marcos Acayaba. […]

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