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  1. Metis International Garden Festival – Quèbec, Canada

    For the 4th year in a row, Vazio S/A will take part on the Metis International Garden Festival. Our project Dead Garden II was inicially built at Belo Horizonte on the event “White Night” 2012, and since 2013 is on show in Quebec.…/jardin-117-dead-garden-ii.p… +info: Dead Garden II, Jardim Morto I, Metis festival:

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  2. Vazio S/A on PLOT magazine

    The Argentinian magazine PLOT has just published, in its 29th edition, two works by Vazio S/A: a review on the book Entre (Artifice Books on Architecture, 380p., 2012) and the intervention Strucutral Archaeology.

  3. 3 times Archdaily!

    Vazio S/A had three projects recently published in Archdaily Mexico, Chile, Brazil, USA and China!: VDA Building on Archdaily Chile (Plataforma Arquitectura) and USA Structural Archaeology on Archdaily China and Mexico The Absolute Skyscraper on Archdaily Brazil

  4. Vazio S/A on MCHAP 2014-15

    Vazio S/A has TWO projects nominated for the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize 2014-2015!!!, the largest and most prestigious architecture award in the Americas. Promoted by the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, the list of nominees is on this link. The competing projects are Strucutral Archeology and Cerrado House.

  5. Symposium at the Tomie Ohtake Institute with Pritzker prize Souto de Moura

    Which challenges faces the architect in the Brazilian context for the viability of their projects? Why are there so few projects that directly face the urban problems they are part of? How to deal with inventiveness in architecture? Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), along with architects Abilio Guerra (Vitruvius) and Shundi Iwamizu (SIAA) were invited to […]

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  6. “The River as Event”, essay published in local newspaper Estado de Minas

    complete essay here

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  7. Intervention at Cine Brasil

    Habitaculo, exhibition at the Cine Theatro Brazil Vallourec, opened last week. Alongside artists Nydia Negromonte, Grivo, Wilson Baptista and collective Micropolis, Vazio S/A / Carlos Teixeira participates with the intervention “Structural Archaeology” (pictured). Habitaculo was curated by Fabiola Moulin and Marconi Drummond, and runs until December 20. Photo: Gabriel Castro

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  8. Vazio SA_Espacos Publicos

    In order to promote discussion, information and the transformation in public realm and urban scale, the international congress “Public spaces” takes place 19-22 October at PUC RS (Porto Alegre, Brazil) and will include presentations by Claudio Acioly (UN-Habitat), Paulo Bicca (PUC RS), Fernando de Melo Franco (Prefeitura de São Paulo) and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), […]

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  9. Tomie Ohtake Award

    The results of the Tomie Ohtake Institute’s Architecture Award will be announced this Wednesday, 22 July. The selection board members are Abilio Guerra, Shundi Iwamizu, Priscyla Gomes and Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A).

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  10. Helsinki Guggenheim Museum design competition

    Our project for the Helsinki Museum design competition is available in the projects section. Its ramps refer the image of the building to a myriad of architectural references at once discordant and complementary, such as the mesopotamians ziggurats, the terraces of a mastaba, the spirals of a minaret and, specially, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in […]

  11. Invisible spaces: art and architecture in the contemporary city

    Julia Pinto, architecture student at Escola da Cidade (Sao Paulo), held a research using works of Vazio S/A, Louise Ganz and Rubens Mano, seeking to understand how, through critical and artistic / architectural practice, each of these artists contribute to the reflection on their professions. The full paper is available at ISSUU.

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  12. Under construction: VDA building…

    …façade almost finished

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  15. 5 Critiques
    12:25 pm
    5 Critiques

    In a profession where its critics rarely expose blunt postures, we’ve selected five recent articles by authors who boldly criticize the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Art Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil’s participation in Venice, the common concept of cultural heritage, and a recent art exhibition in São Paulo: >>>Venice Architecture Biennale: a Koolhaas-contra article, by […]

  16. vazio-sa_chaumont_01_site

    Our “Planar Garden” is one of the projects that will be built for the next Chaumont sur le Loire, a landscaping festival in the  Loire Valley that sponsors new, cutting-edge ideas by architects, artists and landscape designers since 1993. Construction costs of Planar Garden are above the budget provided by the Festival and we are […]

  17. “Entre” wins award in Quito, Ecuador

    The book Entre: Architecture from the Performing Arts (C. Teixeira, Black Dog Publishing, 2014) has just received an honorable mention at the 19th Quito Biennale!

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  18. “Activating the Voids” at the University of Hong Kong

    Vazio S/A will present their latest projects in Hong Kong. The lecture Activating the Voids is part of the ACE Seminar organized by Youngchul Kim, PhD. assistant professor at the City University of Hong Kong.

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  19. We Connect
    05:20 pm
    We Connect

    The Federal University at MG organizes We Connect, an event to discuss creative processes, innovation, and cultural production from the practices of communication and related fields. The proposal is to approach students to the market, reflecting on the traditional ways of making communication and the possibilities of escaping from the ordinary. Participants are, among others, […]

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  20. The Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

    It’s published in the Italian online journal Architettura Ecosostenibile: our Dead Garden II is one of the six most beautiful gardens in the world!!!

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  21. The lecture “Urbanism and Urban Theatre” given by Carlos at the seminar “Brazil Contemporary” (Victoria & Albert Museum) has just been published on Youtube.

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  22. Vazio S/A at MoMA’s “Uneven Growth”

    Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms is Expanding Megacities is a show organized by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York that focuses on emerging trends in six major urban metropolises: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Lagos, Hong Kong and Istanbul. The uneven growth of these cities challenges conventional assumptions about the relationship between […]

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  23. White Night 2014
    12:03 pm
    White Night 2014

    Vazio S/A will participate of a roundtable discussion with architect Jane Hall, from London-based Assemble Studio, as part of the event Noite Branca (White Night) 2014.

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  24. BH City Hall at the Catholic University

    As part of the 18th Week of Architecture at PUC, Vazio S/A and other winners of the architectural competition for the City Hall of BH will talk about their entries this Tuesday.

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  25. Quito Workshop, Ecuador

    Vazio S/A will participate of an international workshop in Ecuador organized by the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Pontificia Universidad Catolica Arts del Ecuador (FADA PUCE).

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